Coconut Cream Concentrate™

Ingredients: 100% Pure Organic Coconut!
Nothing else!

What is Coconut Cream Concentrate™?

Coconut Cream Concentrate is whole coconut meat in concentrated form. It is sometimes referred to as “coconut butter.” It contains no additives* (not even water).

The dried coconut meat is ground very finely, giving it a creamy consistency due to its high fat content, much like other nut butters.

How is Coconut Cream Concentrate™ used?

You can mix 1 or 2 teaspoons of Coconut Cream Concentrate with water or juice to make a creamy coconut drink.

Many people put it in their coffee as a non-dairy creamer.

It is also an excellent ingredient for cooking and baking.

Because of its low moisture content, it can be mixed right in the batter or dough of breads and pastries.

It can also enhance soups, be blended with smoothies, or made into ice cream.

Many people just eat it straight, or spread it on breads and crackers, because it is so delicious!

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How is Coconut Cream Concentrate™ different from canned coconut milks and creams?

Commercial coconut milks and creams are generally sold in cans, or sometimes boxes and tetra packs. The main ingredient in these products is water.

If the fat content is 17%, it is called “coconut milk.” If the fat content is 24%, it is called “coconut cream.”

But most of what you are purchasing is water.

Coconut Cream Concentrate, on the other hand, has NO water, and is pure coconut.

Unlike the commercial varieties, it also contains ALL the fiber of the coconut.

Learn how to prepare your jar of Coconut Cream Concentrate
for use in this video!

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