Chocolate, Coconutty Bars

Chocolate, Coconutty Bars

Chocolate, Coconutty Bars

Servings: 35 square bars
Preparation Time: approximately 15 minutes, plus cooling time



Turn the stove on low. Melt the chocolate, Coconut Cream Concentrate, and coconut oil in a pan.

Blend the nuts in a food processor until fine.

Grind the coconut chips (if you prefer the bars to be chewy, skip this step).

Mix the oats, coconut chips, and blended nuts together in a bowl.

When the chocolates are all melted, add the dry ingredients and mix well. Put the mixture in an 11 x 7-inch pan. Spread evenly and set aside to cool and harden or pop in the refrigerator to speed this up.

When firm, slice into little squares.

Myra from Lewiston, Maine, won $50 for this recipe and photo! Submit your recipes and photos here!

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